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Here's a Totally Bonkers Idea: Building a Pool on a House

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Renderings via NL Architects

It's hard to tell if these renderings for a contemporary house in Florida will make for the sweetest beach pad east of the Mississippi or the planet's most irritating floorplan. Or, o course, whether they'll ever actually become a reality. Dutch firm NL Architects was tapped to conceive "a luxury beach front home which has a modern take on contemporary design," and came up with this: Drop Blob, a winding collection of kidney-shaped rooms topped with a ribbony "estuary" of infinity pools. The walls of the house are glass, so the spilling poolwater would be seen from both inside and out "to create the sensation of endlessness," per the project description. It's all surrounded by lots of greenery, presumably for privacy, which can become a bit of the issue for these beautiful glass houses. More below.

? Drop Blob from the ground. Notice the way the pools dip into the house's living area.

? According to the architects, the spilling pool water will keep the house cool.

Renderings via NL Architects

? The firm's other option, which allows for a more flexible floorplan, but presumably encounters the same ceiling issue.

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