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23 Fascinating Takeaways From the Arch Digest Home Show

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Photos by Amy Schellenbaum/Curbed National

This weekend marks the 12th annual Architectural Digest Home Design Show, a four-day affair that boasts the usual provisions: exhibitions, seminars, Nate Berkus, book signings, and, you know, venus fly trap urinals. Actually, there's a lot of intriguing decor in addition to those blooming bathroom units (by San Francisco-based sculptor Clark Sorensen): the show, with its usual dazzling array of tabletop vignettes and, this year, a section highlighting art and furnishings designed and produced in America, offers such enterprising ideas as crickets on dinner plates, faux-cement furniture, and bedazzled NYC subway signs. Find the most spectacular—the offbeat, the beautiful, the unexpected, the ones that may foreshadow the magical, mysterious future of design—above.

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