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Tallying Up the Eisenhower Memorial Debacle: the Biggest, Baddest, Ugliest Anti-Gehry Zingers

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Anyone who still believes that "any press is good press" doesn't know a thing about Frank Gehry's plans for D.C.'s Eisenhower Memorial, which, ever since renderings were released for public fodder well over two years ago, has attracted a publicity buzz not unlike flies swarming a dying animal. Indeed, the memorial's most hyperbolic and outspoken critic, the National Civic Art Society, has called Gehry's plans for an architectural memorial park—which, with 80-foot columns and woven steel tapestries, is as nonlinear and flourished as the rest of his oeuvre—"sentimental kitsch," "a temple to nothingness," and a "behemoth [that] commemorates Gehry's ego, not Eisenhower's greatness and humility." President Eisenhower's grandchildren have spoken out against the design, as well, most recently calling it "regretfully, unworkable." Oh, and don't even get them started on those tapestries, which have been likened to the stuff of Communist regimes, derided as an "Iron Curtain to Ike," and described by the NCAS as "a rat's nest of tangled steel, a true maintenance nightmare."

This week, Congress joined the clamor: Rep. Rob Bishop, a Republican from Utah, has just introduced legislation that would officially halt all of Gehry's efforts and start the whole process afresh. Rep. Tom McClintock (R-Calif.) chimed in: "I want to know how we came up with this monstrosity." This, of course, has ruffled a whole other set of feathers, namely those of the American Institute of Architects, which has said in a statement that the bill "is nothing more than an effort to intimidate the innovative thinking for which our profession is recognized at home and around the globe." Yeah, it's a heckuvalotta brouhaha to sort through, but have no fear: here's a simple timeline of some of the most memorable zingers enshrouding this massive, hotly contested, and exorbitantly expensive—$142M expensive—project:

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