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Squaw Scraps Plans for Mountainside Rollercoaster

Squaw Valley has announced it is dropping its plans for its "Timberline Twister," a looping rollercoaster that would have been installed between the Red Dog and Far East chairs with lights to run day and night. The project was in the early stages, having not yet faced an environmental review, and Squaw claims it is using the capital to instead invest in upgrading Red Dog and the Hot Wheels chair at Alpine Meadows with high-speed six-pack lifts.

While submitted as an entirely separate project from the colossal base village expansion that would also somehow include a 132,000 square foot water park despite the stringent limitations on water use around Lake Tahoe, public opposition deemed it guilty by association, and decried turning the valley into an "amusement park." Northstar proposed its own mountain coaster in 2010, but had to scuttle the project due to public outcry. Still, an adviser to the Placer County Board of Supervisors thinks Squaw will see the project proposed again in three or four years.

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