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Here Now, A Swanky Retirement Plan for the Pope Emeritus

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After 85-year-old Benedict XVI announced he would be the first Pope nearly 600 years to resign the post, the architects of 1 Week 1 Project were asking the important questions, like what kind of ultra swank pad should former pontiffs retire to? The merry band of structure enthusiasts, which churn out a new idea and set of renderings—"spontaneous architecture"—once a week, has dreamed up for Benedict and all future Pope retirees Ciao Papam, a halo-inspired penthouse in Rome. The glowing abode, which encircles a central garden atrium, boasts such Papal necessities as a library, a prayer room, and a wine cellar. There is also, of course, a walk-in closet and 360-degree views of the Eternal City. More renderings, below.

? The penthouse, from above.

? Alternatively, the Catholic Church could go the route the Atlantic Cities proposes: "release him gently into the sunny pastures of Tuscany, where he will live on nuts and blood oranges and sleep in quiet dells with the deer until the Creator finally rings his number."

· Week 11: Ciao Papam [1 Week 1 Project via The Atlantic Cities]