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Five Historic American Houses Built Under British Rule

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Last week, Zillow Blog brought word that the 301-year-old Sydenham House in Newark, N.J. had just returned to market with a new, lower price tag. In 2005, after decades under ownership of a pair of ardent preservationists—and, following the couple's passing, their caretaker—the house was listed for $699K. That amount was too high to get it sold, despite all the history and the fact that Sydenham is the oldest house in Newark, and oldest in private hands in the New York metropolitan area. Now the five-bedroom, two-bath residence has been relisted, following a renovation, for a more reasonable $438K. Despite its rarity, this is hardly the only pre-Revolutionary house currently on offer. Check out four more historic offerings, below.

? According to the listing, this stone Dutch Colonial in Closter, N.J. dates to 1710, but the present structure was actually completed sometime in the 1740s, on land first acquired by the Naugle family in 1710. Known as the Isaac Naugle House, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1983. Historian Mary Naugle, the great granddaughter of the original builder, described the place as "the oldest house in this part of the county, one that was considered old even in the Revolutionary times." But that doesn't mean it feels too old today, thanks to renovations and upgrades to the kitchen and grounds. Chances are great granddaddy Naugle didn't get to soothe his weary feet in a gunite swimming pool.

? Known as Mixers Tavern on the National Register of Historic Places, this 5,000-square-foot classic comes with nearly 50 acres of Ashford, Conn. woodland, five bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a history that runs all the way back to 1710. Listed for $950K, the former tavern retains many remnants of its former use, like a couple of giant stone hearths, and has been decorated in the height of Colonial style, complete with muskets hanging on the walls. The kitchen blends into the historic look, but has been fully modernized, with a center island, a pair of hammered copper sinks, and a generous range hood.

? The Old Garrison House, completed in 1700, is one of the oldest extant homes in the historic New England fishing village of Rockport, Mass., and that age shows in the exposed handmade wood joinery, original flooring, and 300-year-old hardware. Set on three acres, the house sits beside a private pond, down a tree covered gravel drive. The 3,900-square-foot spread is currently listed for $625K.

? Concord, Mass. played a crucial role in the early days of the Revolutionary War, but this house had already been around for 70 years when the first shots rang out in nearby Lexington. Perhaps due to its less-than-historically-sensitive addition, the house is not listed on the National Register, but it does have a fair bit of history attached. Known as the Grapevine Cottage, the house sits next to the original Concord Grape vines. Though it last sold in 2010 for just $500K, the charming house is back on the market, asking $1.35M.

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