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This Veggie Town is Where Appetizers Meet Architecture

For the high-brow, socially-conscious Swedish food brand Atelier Food, Stockholm-based design firm Petter Johansson Art Direction And Design mocked up an urban sprawl of crudités, a nod to the food company's philosophical M.O.: "to develop future community through food." In Johansson's Still Life project, broccoli florets become parks and terraces, cheese cubes sit as small developments, and blocks of cabbage squat like bland apartment buildings. The structures themselves aren't necessarily feats of food staging expertise—they're no edible Taj Mahal, after all—but for a brand that's all about community integration, experimentation, and the profound influence of the everyday stuff, an appetizer city plan seems like apt, intelligent imagery. And delicious, for that matter—maybe Johansson could add a river of ranch dressing or something?

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