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Provincetown's 'Unique' Wharf House Now $470K Cheaper

We wrote about this waterfront West End property for our weekly asking price guessing game back in September when it was asking $1.795M - which was no big surprise to most voters. The listing had already met with the pricechopper twice, having initially hit the market in April 2011 for $2.395M. This third pricechop has sliced $470K off the price tag, bringing the ask down to earth $1.325M. A refresher, the "unique" 704 sq. ft. one bedroom, two bath Wharf House was built in 1880 and has been, "Completely rebuilt from the piers to the rooftop." The brokerbabble continues, "You can't leave the water behind when you walk into the Wharf House -it follows you." That doesn't sound like much of a selling point in these days of waterfront properties dropping into the sea, now does it?
· Listing: 77A Commercial Street, Unit 2, Provincetown [Zillow]