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This Quirky House is Inspired by a Dollhouse For Toy Bears

Fabulous design inspiration comes from all angles—human bones, the aurora borealis, and stone piles included. So what inspired this contemporary, oak-paneled spread in the Thai beach town of Cha-Am? Plastic toy bears. The entire house, which is threaded with sleeping cubbies, ladders, and glass panels, was designed to be a life-sized version of the owners' toy display cabinet, where they show off their collection of colorful Brickbear toys. Thai design firm Onion first built the glass-and-oak cabinet, then translated its clean lines and quirky dollhouse appeal by building a minimalist structure clad in uniform wood paneling and decorated with a simple color palette that's smacked with the occasional street-style mural of a cartoon bear. (Of course!) What's more, the scale of the furnishings and architecture details is skewed to make the interiors seen more cartoon-like. Beds are bigger, doorknobs are smaller, pillows are oversized, and excessively wide ladders lead into the sleeping areas. More below.

? Spotted in one of the all-white sleeping cubbies: an oversized lamp, a tiny side table, and a ladder leading to nowhere.

? The cabinet designed by the firm Onion inspired the rest of the home.

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