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Buy a Fully Equipped 128-Square-Foot House For $23K

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On the market in Dover, Ark.: a closet-sized micro home souped up with amenities rarely found in dwellings this tiny: a bathroom with an honest-to-goodness door, a regular(ish)-sized fridge, a stove that's not a hot plate, a dining area, and more. It's all packed inside a structure that's—perspective!—less than half the size of the average American kitchen (which supposedly measures about 300 square feet). Sure, this 128-square-foot abode is not as quirky as Portland's gypsy wagon, nor as nomad-friendly as a Mongolian hut, nor as cheap as a recycled junker cabin, nor as sleek as, say, a mobile-home tricycle, but keep in mind that none of those options have running water, which, for actual living purposes, is kind of important. Asking $22,900, the house actually rings in at nearly double the price per square foot of the town's average cost—$178 versus $81—but, well, the structure is plopped atop an acre of land. In other words, the house may very well be an add-on for the true offering: the scrubby spot of property it all sits on. The listing photos provide a rather detailed tour of the home, so do have a look above.

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