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Oregon Trail Realty: Truckee's Black Horse Estate

When the Donner Party risked it all to head West and found themselves in a bind at nearby Donner Pass, this must have been the sort of homestead they imagined at the end of the journey (before they had to resort to cannibalism). A triple-gated 6,200 square foot mansion on 20.75 acres overlooking what would become Tahoe National Forest. 4 bedroom suites, 4.5 baths, and a separate apartment for the help. A jet spa and hot tub room, helicopter pad, and 4 car garage. And an 18,700 square foot heated indoor pavilion for preparing for dressage with the Party's stock of sturdy manes during even the rowdiest Sierra blizzards. All in the styling of a US Army outpost, replete with two guard towers and an enclosed glass gallery leading to the pavilion.

How much for this stylized piece of faux-American history, circa 2008? Why, a modest $6,995,000. Replica barrel sinks included.

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