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Stand Aside, Micro-Homes: This Billboard is an Apartment

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Two years ago, the ad firm Adzookie launched a campaign to turn occupied homes into technicolor billboards. Now, the folks at Scribe Marketing are hoping to garner a little brand-centric ballyhoo for—wait for it—transforming a billboard into a pre-fab home. The firm called upon architect Julio Gómez Trevilla to create a lightweight, temporary home perched up on a billboard in Mexico City—toilet, shower, closet, and kitchen included.

Who's the lucky person to occupy it? Scribe is hiring an artist to live in the pad and spend 10 days creating an unknown—Mystery! Intrigue! Publicity-bait!—masterpiece on the billboard's face. The door connecting the home to the billboard-painting platform is part of the canvas itself, so onlookers can literally "see the artist live ... through his own work," or so writes the architect. Trevilla used steel and plastic-lined chipboard for the structure and allotted for a sink, microwave, and TV inside. There's even a small wood-planked terrace with red Adirondack chairs to enjoy the thrum of Mexico City. It's comfy enough for one to wonder: what is Scribe going to do with it all once the artist is through? It could make for a pretty sweet—and not totally unprecedented—rooftop guest house. More shots and a rendering:

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