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World's Best Parents Buy $6.5M Apartment For 2-Year-Old

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Indoor slides and enormous pirate ships earn high marks as kid-friendly design elements, but even the parents who bestowed unto their offspring those extravagances—and even the parents who funded the most outrageous starter homes on Earth—will be shocked to learn that one couple has spent $6.5M on an apartment for their two-year-old daughter. According to The Telegraph, the mother—who obviously seems keen to plan ahead, as the unit, located in the ultra-swank condo tower One57, isn't even built yet—believes "her daughter was going to go to Columbia, or NYU or maybe Harvard and so she needed to be in the centre of the city and that was why she was picking this one particular apartment." The identity of the family, who hails from China, hasn't been disclosed yet, further adding to the folklore surrounding the building where two-bedroom units have listed for $8.9M, where kitchen cabinets are Macassar ebony, and where the buyer of the penthouse, which sold for more than $90M in NYC's biggest deal ever, still remains a mystery.

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