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Neutra's Coveney House Lists in Pennsylvania For $1.3M

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Less than 120 miles from the site of Richard Neutra's now-obliterated Gettysburg Cyclorama sits the famed modernist's Coveney House, a glossy single-story that's just hit the market in Gulph Mills, Pa., for $1.3M. It's the latest in a long string of Neutra designs to come up for sale, and if those are any indication, Coveney House, with its glass planks, artist's studio, mitered glass corner, and free-standing pipe fireplace, will not sit on the market long.

Built in 1963, Coveney House was also, according to the brokerbabble, once a cover star for Time, perhaps because the the 3,217-square-foot structure is so unmistakably Neutra, what with the five bedrooms slinking in a single story in the woods, a hallmark of the architect's understated, indoor-meets-outdoor appeal. Inside: a ceiling of tongue-and-groove California cedar, a fireplace made of stone from the nearby the Bryn Athyn quarry, and a patchy collection of midcentury furnishings—that dining set!—and built-ins. The Coveneys, who asked Neutra to design the home for their growing family, lived here for more than half a century, and while its feel today seems a smidge more roughed up than, say, the pristine 1959 Hailey Residence, it appears that the family thankfully refrained from modernizing things too much or, say, gutting the bedrooms. Have a look, above.

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