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Log Cabin Living In Sun Valley For Half A Mil

You will probably want to rip the carpet out, but this 1,500 square foot 2 bed, 2 bath log cabin a quick 10 minute drive from downtown Ketchum could be a legit Sun Valley adventure base camp for those who've scoffed at the price of some of the more outlandishly lavish "ski houses" Curbed's featured this winter. It's just down the street from what one can only assume is great fly fishing at the nearby creek, and has an enormously spacious main room with beamed vaulted ceiling and a open floor plan leading to the kitchen.

On the whole, the 80's were a much safer time for ski town architecture (this one's an '84), and while this cabin's not going to win any design awards (and might need a new bathroom), it's on the whole less offensive than your average 70's-era housing stock, especially in comparison to this outrageous Mammoth home Curbed featured earlier. At $504,700, you might still have some change left over to get a nice wood floor going in the main room.

· Log Cabin in desirable Ketchum waterfront neighborhood [Hallmark Idaho]