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'Victorian Fairytale' With 18 Buildings Only Costs $695K

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Photos via Magnolia Pearl Ranch

Only in Texas, land of strange real estate offerings, could one find a 40-acre "shabby victorian" jewel box that boasts a Country Living pedigree and 18 independent structures, all priced at just $695K. It's hardly surprising if Magnolia Pearl Ranch looks familiar; the estate's ramshackle buildings and opulent bohemian/Wild West interiors—vintage laces, embroideries, chandeliers, and stylishly bedraggled furnishings—have landed the property in Bandera, Texas, on many an interior design blog, not to mention the fact that the place is slathered all over Pinterest. If Instagram were a magical land people could frolic in, this would be it.

For starters, the property comes with three cottages, the largest of which measures 1,718 square feet. Also included: three gazebos, three outdoor spas, three chicken coops, a barn, a well house, and a windmill. Owner Robin "Pearl" Brown told Country Living that the spread was her "Victorian Fairytale," where "everything here, from bits of tapestry to tin ceilings, had a previous life." There's a lot to take in, but have a look at the grounds, plus the cultivated interiors, above.

· 639 Faris Ranch RD Bandera, Texas [Estately via Estately Blog]
· Enchanted Cottage [Country Living via Hooked on Houses]