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Boxing Champ's Private Island Once Played Host to JFK

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Location: Bristol, Me.
Price: $3,750,000
The Skinny: When boxing legend Gene Tunney needed to kick back and relax, he fled to this private island in Downeast Maine. But Tunney—who twice dispatched Jack Dempsey to claim the world heavyweight title in the 1920s—didn't always go alone. In fact, one listing claims that an even more famous historical personage spent some time on the island: President John F. Kennedy. If true, that's a mighty fine pedigree for this 28-acre summer paradise. Currently listed for $3.75M, Johns Island is home to a compound of historic structures, centered around a gambrel-roofed main house that dates to 1924. A solar energy installation limits the draw on shore power, while freshwater comes from a private well. Access is greatly improved by a dock and apartment on the mainland, both included in the purchase price, but this remote isle is still probably best suited to a wealthy buyer with plenty of time to relax between bouts.
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