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Cheakamus Creek Residents Pissed At Nearby Asphalt Plant

Despite a succesful grassroots petition that garnered 444 signatures of residents of Whistler's Cheakamus Creek and Spring Creek neighborhoods, the province of British Columbia is asserting that isn't grounds for shutting down the nearby asphalt plant and quarry of Whistler Aggregates. The province maintains that since residents signed a disclosure agreement acknowledging the existence of the plant when they moved into the neighborhood, which was originally built as athlete housing for the 2010 Winter Olympics, there is no grounds for their protest of its operation. A goverment spokesperson declared that "It is very clear that the 'possibility of relocating the asphalt operation' was not guaranteed" in the contract.

The ire of the residents has gradually radicalized the protest group, No Asphalt Plant 2, who claim they're prepared to plan protests and blockade roads if their voice isn't heard. That has seriously bummed out Whistler Mayor Nancy Wilhelm-Morde, who is mindful of keeping the resort community's reputation in good standing. She'd rather have the group and the asphalt plant fight it out in court that see a bunch of media covering a highway blockade. Whistler Aggregates owner Frank Silveri is feeling the pinch too, as the town council has enacted two separate measures that make his asphalt contracts with the town less than guaranteed.

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