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This Micro-House Spoof by Portlandia Fans is Just Spot On

Inspired by Portlandia's pitch-perfect portrayal of the craftsy, no-nonsense, sustainability-obsessed denizens of Portland, Ore., a group of filmmakers has created a video spoofing—it seems so obvious now—the tiny-living craze, hitching to the trend and probably making Portlandia writers wonder why they didn't get to the subject first. Made for a Portlandia-themed film fest, the creators of "Here It Is" did a rather superb job supplanting the microdwelling trend and bringing it way out of bounds—not unlike the show's seminal "Put a Bird on It" or furniture-making sketches—and the characters' oblivious self-satisfaction at their own indie bliss is just right. In the video, a woman named Katie is showing her friends around her new her home—well, the outside of it anyway, as the interiors only allow for one crumpled human being at a time. "I built everything by hand," she says. "No power tools. And this! This is just straw that I stapled on just like that!" Also: "And this is Parsnip, she's cutting up my old sweaters to make the insulation." Just watch:

The Video:

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