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Mountain House: Bankruptcy "Merely A Bump In The Road"

Apparently the owners of Aspen's Mountain House Lodge, which nearly went up for public auction Wednesday before filing for Chapter 11 Tuesday, want to keep the reigns of the lodge in their control during and after bankruptcy proceedings. It's an odd move considering how their filing for bankruptcy came less than 24 hours before the lodge was to be auctioned, but nonetheless a statement released by Mountain House owners All Seasons Resort Lodging attempted to keep the public calm by saying that Chapter 11 is "merely a bump in the road" for the company and its ownership of the 26-room lodge.

Currently the lodge owes $7.9 million in liabilities and only has $4.16 million in assets, and has until April 25th to convince a bankruptcy court of its ability to manage the property through Chapter 11 along with any changes to its business plan it intends to make.

Aspen lodge says it will operate through bankruptcy [Aspen Times]