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Watch Thom Filicia Talk Late-Night Partyin' w/ Jimmy Fallon

Last night, interior designer and underground-garage overlord Thom Filicia went on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to talk about his new book, American Beauty, which chronicles the process of renovating and decorating his country home in Upstate New York. It's a "man-sized chair with a pillow on it," remarks Filicia about the talkshow host's set, launching into an explanation about why he's so tan ("it was literally like another episode of Weekend at Bernie's"), working with Tina Fey ("someday when I strike it really bit I wanna hire you to decorate my house," she told him), and whether a Queer Eye for the Straight Guy reunion will ever happen ("we're thinking about a bunch of different things"). Watch the clip, below.

The Video:

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