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Nation's (Former) Fifth Priciest Home Discounted by $10M

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Last February, real estate tycoon Donald G. Abbey listed two of his mega-mansions nearly simultaneously: an epic Med-style estate in Bradbury, Calif.—that one's got a temperature-controlled trout pond—and this here, a massive stone mansion known as Whispering Rock. Amazingly, Abbey's twin piles came roaring to market for $78.8M and $78M, respectively, making them the fourth and fifth mot expensive homes in the country at the time, behind the then-newly listed Versace mansion and other such megamansions that still linger on the market today even as the list of the country's most expensive estates gets revised and revised again.

Inside, the decor is, uh, strident—"the wood is too dark, too shiny, and too plentiful"—one Curbed commenter put it last year—and the property is marked by ridiculously over-the-top-lavish features, including Indiana limestone siding, African mahogany and Italian marble, and perch on a 24-acre private island next to Glacier National Park. There's also a great room with 45-foot ceilings and heated porticos surrounding the home. Despite all these plush amenities, Whispering Rock has failed to snag a buyer and was just PriceChopped to $68M. Sure, it's still an eye-popping sum, but it seems like a friggin' steal when compared to what Abbey once wanted for the estate: $105M.

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