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CO Pot Task Force Lays Out Suggestions For Weed Regulations

Colorado's governor-appointed task force on marijuana just today came out with a new set of suggestions for how weed should be regulated in the Centennial State. For starters, it's going to be heavily taxed, to the tune of a 15% excise tax on wholesale weed and an undetermined sales tax for end consumers. Recreational use will be limited to one ounce per person, but out-of-staters will be able to buy, meaning the nation's first pot tourism industry will likely be organizing itself in the coming months should state lawmakers pass all the provisions, which they must do by May. The task force also suggested that pot only be allowed to be grown indoors, and that recreational users can grow up to six plants at home. Weed will be sold in child-proof containers to only those 21 and older, raising questions about how all those non-herbal forms of the drug currently available in medicinal dispensaries - sodas, candy, cooking oil, etc. - will be packaged. But most kinds of advertising, including TV, radio, and most print, will be banned.

Other concerns surround whether taxes that are too high will push growers and users back onto the black market, whether the six plant personal allowance is reasonable, and how much processed weed one is allowed to possess from the plants.

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