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The 13 Best Shots From Hobby Builders' Dollhouse Contest

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For the last 19 years, miniatures retailer Hobby Builders Supply, peddler of minuscule terra cotta planters, porcelain toilets, and other such tiny fare, has hosted a dollhouse competition called the "Creatin' Contest." And while none of this year's contest entries are made from awesome things like guitars or vacuum cleaners, they're as detailed and realistic as one might expect from those who've pledged their free time to crafting impossibly small dwellings. Take, for instance, the Mt. Ollopa Lodge (above), which won first place (behind the grand prize winner) for its flawless execution of weather-worn wood paneling, moss-wrapped foundations, and sliding-glass doors. Flip through the gallery to see the lodge's interior, plus shots of other entries, including houseboats, bars, and renovation sites.

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