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Sale Price For Aspen's Takah Sushi Drop To $850,000

Aspen's longest-standing restaurant, South Mill Street's Takah Sushi, is on the market at a reduced sale price of $850K. Casey Coffman, who has been the restaurant's continuous owner throughout Takah's unbelievable 31 year history in two different locations in Aspen, is ready to move on to other projects, and his willingness to sell recently dropped the price down from $1.4 million, which prompted a "flurry" of inquiries according to its realtor.

Takah's a big fetch for whoever ends up with the 3,382 square foot basement space, patio, equipment, and the Takah trademark. In a ski town as brutally seasonal as Aspen, where restaurants and bars open and close in a matter of years, the fact that Takah's stayed open for over three decades stands as a testament to the restaurant's stellar reputation and management.

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