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For $1.175M, a Wild West Town With Saloon and Jailhouse

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On the market in the desert hills of Caliente, Calif., is an 80-acre ranch estate with its own ("unbelievably GREAT!" the brokerbabble notes in parens) Western ghost town, complete with a general store, barbershop, stage coach, saloon, and jail house. This is not the first time faux town has hit the market—must we revisit the Fairfield, Calif. home that brags a diner and autoshop?—but the freaky, Disneyland-esque dummies that lounge in the jailhouse and the perch atop the saloon's player-piano are enough to set this place apart, even in the strange realm of manses with mini towns. Featured recently in Estately's roundup of residences with saloons for sale, this particular property also comes with a 3,000-square-foot main house and a 1,000-square-foot guest pad. Outside: fruit and redwood trees, a koi pond, wells, a shooting range, a barn, a fake fire station, and an old-fashioned train. Sure, the offerings aren't for everybody, but one must admit, the buyer is getting a large dose of the Wild West for only $1.175M.

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