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Own 13 Log Cabins, Five Islands, and 70 Lakes For $79M

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Newly listed in Quebec, about an hour from Montreal, is Kenauk, an estate whose stats read like a national park. On the property's 65,000—yes, 65 thousand—acres are 70 lakes, five private islands, 28 miles of waterfront, a nine-mile river, and a private marina, plus 13 "Scandinavian-style log cabin homes," according to the Wall Street Journal. Ranging from 2,000 to 4,000 square feet, the homes look positively idyllic—truly a broker's dream interiors—with gleaming post-and-beam ceilings, a massive stone hearth, and "rustic," well-positioned furnishings that seem tasteful and not overdone, for once. An aerial photographer also managed to capture some mist hovering over a dock, a sunset behind a trio of quiet, pensive Adirondack chairs, sunlight streaming through the clouds on a hazy day, and fall foliage that looks like a painting. It's almost beautiful enough to justify the price tag: $81,250,000 CAD, or roughly $78.8M.

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