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Architecture HQ Brags True Badge of Sustainability: a Garden

Amid the shared desks, fluorescent lighting, and ergonomic chairs of the L.A.-area offices of the architecture firm Cuningham Group sits a small garden, maintained by the firm's employees, to spiff up the office and remind them of the firm's sustainability goals. If the bit of green situated at the mouth of a curvy conference room (quite Google-esque, as far as office spaces go) is not enough to flaunt the group's eco-mindedness, the building—"designed to reinforce the firm's emphasis on sustainability, collaboration, and creativity," per the project description—is also carved from an existing warehouse (adaptive reuse!) situated near a bike path and rail stop, and features a vegetable garden in the backyard (local produce!), ginormous windows, and skylights (natural light!). But wait. If this is really a sustainable structure, where are the requisite shipping containers? Fear not: those form some of the office's private rooms. More photos, below.

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