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Inside Jamie Drake's Polished, Color-Coated NYC Condo

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Photos by William Waldron/Architectural Digest

The April Architectural Digest spotlights the contemporary, colorful interiors of big-name interior designer Jamie Drake. After spending years waiting for his two-bedroom unit in NYC's Annabelle Selldorf-designed 200 Eleventh Avenue condo building to be finished—"it taunts me," he said about the work-in-process in '09—Drake has finally settled into his 3,000-square-foot apartment and swathed it with his signature decor—punches of bright hues, assertive art—that's ensnared clients like Madonna and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The home seems part hotel suite, part exclusive cocktail lounge—there's no dining room, but there's a "sky garage" car elevator and an "extra" bar, not to mention plenty of empty space he says makes for an impromptu dance floor. "I had a formal dining room in my old place, and I hosted three sit-down dinners in ten years," he told AD.

Drake brought in scads of contemporary art, like the Thomas Ruff photograph that reigns over the living room (above), the antelope bust sculpture by Michael Combs in the sitting area, and the crown sculpture by Reinaldo Sanguino on the kitchen counter. The home is also stuffed with pieces Drake designed, including the living room's marble-and-granite table and the bed and headboard his bedroom. As for his sky garage? Drake brought in a Ralph Pucci light fixture designed by Ted Abramczyk. Oh, and a BMW 750i. See it all, above.

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