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Dallas' Wannabe Versace-Style Casa Casuarina Asks $5.95M

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Casa Casuarina, the one-time Miami Beach home of the late fashion designer Gianni Versace, remains one of the most opulent private homes in America. Currently listed for $100M, the mansion—created in what was originally an apartment building—was done up in extravagant style by Versace, at a cost of $33M, including a million mosaic tiles lining the swimming pool, some plated in 24-karat gold. This Dallas mansion tried to emulate that same sort of style, but without Versace's budget, the place comes off lacking. The garish lights illuminating the swimming pool and patio can't help either, but at least the five-bedroom, five-bathroom, 6,000-square-foot mansion is seeking less than one of its neighbors. Hoisted onto the market this month, the house is currently asking $5.95M.
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