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Taylor Swift Dumps Cape Cod, Walks Away With an $870K Profit

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Taylor Swift has reportedly dumped Cape Cod. Recall last summer when she was dating Conor Kennedy and it was rumored that Swift was buying a crib in the Kennedy family compound? Yup, creepy. Anyway, then she supposedly wasn't, then she was, then she wasn't, and on it went. Now that house has sold yet again and Swift is reportedly the flipper. We know all too well what this means, a break-up song can't be far off. It's better than revenge.
To recap: Swift was rumored to be purchasing a home within the Kennedy Compound back in August while she was dating Conor Kennedy. The broker selling the property fed the rumor mill a tale about a New York hedge fund manager being the real buyer. Taylor talk took a break until October, when Conor's grandmother, Ethel Kennedy, referred to Swift as her future "neighbor" in a CapeCast video (even Allstate guy, a.k.a. Dennis Haysbert makes an appearance in the short clip). Shortly after, TMZ reported that Swift "definitely bought" the mansion in question. In the meantime, Swift and Conor Kennedy went bust.

The deal officially closed in November, with a Ocean Drive LLC paying $4.8M for the Pricechopper Hall of Fame member. Fast forward to February 6 and 27 Marchant Avenue sells to Cape Beach House LLC for $5.67M. Realtor Bob Kinlin told E! News that the buyers were a couple that had been interested in the house prior to Swift (the hedge hog, perhaps?). According to Kinlin, "Swift's team did do some improvements to the home, which included renovations to the kitchen and bathrooms." Unless Swift hit up Freecycle and Craigslist, looks like she dumped a lotta loot into giving the house a nip and tuck. The reno, carrying costs, realtors fees, and whatnot probably took a bite out of that $870K, but it's no doubt in the black. Plus, she'll write a song about it, right?
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