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Illinois Taxidermy Room Boasts Nine Stuffed Elk, Eight Fish

On the market for $2M in Orland Park, Ill., is a mountain manse that "exudes character & drama and is rich in [stuffed, mounted, and furry] detail," as the brokerbabble puts it. While the home's enthusiasm for taxidermied inhabitants doesn't quite match that of Texas' "dead animal house" and this listing photo probably doesn't beat out any of the top 10 most terrible taxidermy listing pics of all time, this estate is peculiar in that most of its creepy animal stuff seems isolated to this one room. There's nary a single buffalo bust elsewhere in the 20,000-square-foot lodge, and yet the great room offers up no less than nine elk, an antler armchair, and at least eight mounted fish (below)—not to mention the nonchalant bear creeping in on the sitting area.

Find the rest of the listing shots—most of which are surprisingly lovely, if a touch out of place for a Chicago suburb—over at Curbed Chicago.

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