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Ski Documentary "McConkey" Makes It Into Tribeca

It's aint' Sundance, but it's closer. The Tribeca Film Festival has chosen that McConkey, the documentary about legendary big-mountain skier, BASE jumper, and funnyman Shane McConkey that will make its debut in New York City April 9th, as an official selection and Spotlight film for the festival. This is a pretty huge honor for a movie about a skier, as many recent documentaries about the sport have fallen flat and have lacked the intense emotional energy and exploration of other action sports documentaries, especially those by skateboarding and surfing documentarian Stacy Peralta.

But "McConkey," with the backing of his former sponsor Red Bull, has high hopes. The man himself was a character like few other in sport, having been both an outrageous jokester and a daredevil that pushed the limits of gravity for nearly two decades while revolutionizing ski design and inventing a new discipline - ski BASE jumping - in which one skis at full speed off cliffs thousands of feet high, soaring into the air before pulling a parachute and landing safely. McConkey died practicing his new sport in Italy on March 26th, 2009, and the effects of his legacy have transcended the ski community, while raising hard questions about risk taking and living a full life. Tribeca's Spotlight selections highlight "films that blur the lines between independent and mainstream filmmaking."

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