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Shawn Henderson on Setting the Table With Crystal Baccarat Vases and Piles and Piles of White Legos

Welcome to Setting the Table, wherein Curbed asks top design talent how they do just that. Know someone who elevates the humble task into the realm of the artful? Send a note.

Last week, Shawn Henderson, along with more than two dozen designers selected by Veranda magazine, descended upon Manhattan's Mandarin Oriental hotel to install a crazy sculpture thing table for the New York Botanical Garden's annual Orchid Dinner. Henderson's table, sponsored by Baccarat—the French crystal company responsible for everything from jewelry and tabletop pieces to fancy new condo/hotel hybrids—incorporated a grouping of Baccarat vases created by Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola, Sferra table linens, and the ultimate in high-society table settings: Legos, "representing a crumbling city," he says. "There's these steel structures with orchids hanging from them, almost like they're grown in the wild and the orchids are taking over the city." Henderson has spoken before about projects with "interesting choices in materials and finishes, as well as an eclectic, layered mix," so it's really no surprise that he chose a more whimsical take on the dinner's theme, "Exotic Inspirations," and even included a little Lego backhoe. Watch the table being set, below.

The Video:

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