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For $44M, Live in the Fortress of Roman Emperor Tiberius

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Behold Castiglione, a fortress villa atop Italy's island of Capri, once a holiday home for Roman Emperor Tiberius and now on the market for €35M ($44.855M). According to the brokerbabble—which is always 100 percent accurate, of course—the castle-like structure was once one of Tiberius' 12 island villas, whose ruins were first discovered and restored in 1283. The structure sits 820 feet above sea level, bragging 360-degree views, 6,921 square feet of interior space, and some 9.8 acres of terraced gardens. Inside: eight bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a 2,100-square-foot living area, and another two bedrooms for the slaves staff. Have a look above.

· Magnificent Capri Castle with 360 View [Sothebys International Realty via Homes of the Rich]