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Mad River Glen Co-op Buys Mount Ellen For Snowboarding

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The famously ski-only Mad River Glen co-op, one of the last four ski areas in the US to deny access to snowboarders, has just announced the fantastic purchase of nearby Mount Ellen, currently part of Sugarbush Resort, as it's own snowboard-only mountain. "The cool side benefit of this deal is that we finally get to offer snowboarders a place for to play without disturbing the pristine beauty that is Mad River Glen, said MRG's Director of Marketing, Eric Friedman. "We'll open up trails for skiers and riders without upsetting either of them."

A new high-speed single chair will be installed between Mount Ellen and Mad River called the "Dromedary," and the MRG Co-op's 1801 members will be asked to pony up $750 a piece to fund the chair. When asked what exactly the benefit would be of connecting snowboard-only Mount Ellen with ski-only Mad River Glen, officials stated that there are "still some operational details that need to be worked out."

· Mad River Glen Co-op to acquire Mount Ellen