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Is Greta Van Susteren's 'Eyesore' Eating into Ash Lane?

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A property owned by Fox News host Greta Van Susteren, her husband John P. Coale and friend James Davison "has become a headache for town officials and an eyesore for neighboring residents." The trio paid $3.1M for the former Nantucket Whaler Guest House last April, intending to turn the former whaling captain's home back into a private residence. To complete the mega before-and-after, a six-week street-closing permit was issued for the the eastern end of Ash Lane to begin in early February. Yet just a few weeks later, unpermitted excavation led to a stop-work order. According to Nantucket Building Commissioner Steve Butler, the excavated hole around the structure's foundation grew so large after a series of winter storms that it began to eat away at Ash Lane. The project's contractor, Chris Skehel, disagrees - natch, "The hole is pretty much the same size it was when it was dug. It hasn't eaten into the road at all." Meanwhile, town officials "are getting neighbor complaints on an almost-daily basis."
· Fox News host's 'eyesore' rankles Nantucket neighbors [The Inquirer and Mirror via The Cape Cod Times]