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At This Cafe, Drink Coffee Alongside Period-Perfect Urinals

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Sure, there have been all manner of oddball, awesome coffee shops decorated to look like something else, but none, perhaps, have been quite as avant garde or quite as ridiculous as London's The Attendant, a cafe carved from 19th-century public bathrooms—because apparently nothing says "Why yes, I'll have a scone with that, please" quite like some circa-1890 urinals. London residents Ben Russel and Pete Tomlinson completed the overhaul, polishing the urinals to a high-shine and cleaning up the subway tile walls and putty-colored floors. It's high-brow, for sure, but, as the wise Gizmag once said, "we'd hesitate before ordering any cakes." Below: a "before" shot, plus a detail look at those porcelain "bar fixtures."

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