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11 Amazing Design-Centric Listicles From BuzzFeed DIY

Please welcome to the Internet the new decor, crafting, and weird-stuff-you-can-make-yourself blog BuzzFeed DIY, part of the viral hit site's ongoing expansion. Naturally, the vertical is packed with listicles so brilliant that the whole Apartment Therapy staff is trembling under a cerused-oak table somewhere. Here now, 11 of the best earliest posts:

· 20 Creative Ways To Use Embroidery Hoops [link]
· The 24 Most Colorful Cities In The World [link]
· How to Make The Peep Chandelier You Never Knew You Needed [link]

· 27 Things That Definitely Belong In Your Dream Home [link]
· And Now For A House Built Out Of Recycled Heineken Bottles [link]
· 82 Gratuitous Photos Of Drawer Porn [link]
· 8 Household Items Begging You to Turn Them Into Aquariums [link]
· 16 Totally Feasible Loft Beds For Normal Ceiling Heights [link]
· 19 Unabashedly Sexual Pieces Of Needlepoint You Can Actually Own [link]
· 15 Hillary Clinton Inspired Crafts You Can Own [link]
· 9 Things To Do With That Ancient Monitor In Your Attic [link]

· BuzzFeed DIY [official site via Racked National]