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Inside Las Vegas' Craziest, Most Retina-Scorching Mansion

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If there were any place on the planet where a house this noxiously neon and bedazzled could be even kind of appropriate, it would be Sin City. Still, a Las Vegas location can't quite make sense of this particular kaleidoscopic nightmare, especially considering it's been asking a mind-boggling $22.5M since it hit the market last August. A little history: according to one commenter on the mansion-obsessed real estate blog Homes of the Rich, the eight-bedroom, 20,000-square-foot behemoth was built in 1999 for dot com gazillionaire Charles Johnson who, thanks largely to some shady accounting and a smattering of fraud charges, had to file bankruptcy not long after the house was built.

Included on the "exquisite European estate:" a technicolor indoor pool, a masseuse room, a turtle pond (!), a porte-cochère, two guest houses, and, obviously, "extensive detail in every room." The property was last sold in Dec. 2010 for $3.95M, so it's totally unclear how the sprawl's current owners came upon this $22.5M figure—it's not like the decor has gotten any more en vogue (or any less migraine-inducing). It's a lot to take in, but go ahead, put on some sunglasses and have a look.

· 8801 Palm Greens Ct, Las Vegas, Nev. [Movoto via]
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