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Old Belgian Bakery Now Boasts Space-Age Bathroom Pod

Looking to go beyond the naked-ductwork/exposed brick treatment now ubiquitous in loft conversions—a method Design Boom calls "passé" and "out of synch with contemporary expectations"—Belgian architecture firm Dethier Architectures transformed an abandoned industrial bakery in Liege, Belgium, into a space-age home as stark as any of the world's most pared-down spaces.

The architects provided the usual badges of minimalism—sharp lines, a monochrome palette, a soul-sucking dearth of personal effects—as well as a striking architectural element that looks not totally unlike a beached submarine. Kempart Loft's the aluminum-plated pod not only helps delineate living areas within the huge, 1,657-square-foot space, it also houses both bathrooms, the closet, and the heating system. From the outside, the room-in-a-room has the streamlined look of an Airstream trailer; from within, the brushed chrome walls are coated in tangerine and lime paint, creating a jolt of energy within an otherwise sterile environment. More photos, below.

· Kempart Loft in Liege, Belgium by Dethier Architectures [Design Boom]