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Lodge And Spa At Breckenridge On The Block

The Lodge and Spa at Breckenridge, one of the few hotels in town that has approved to develop beyond its existing size, is up for sale. The 10,000 square foot hotel and spa sits on 10.1 acres overlooking Boreas Pass, the Tennmile mountain range, and the resort itself, and the overlook from its deck is a popular wedding spot that's gained cred from Conde Nast and Fodors. While the lodge itself has a 3,500 square foot fitness center and 4,300 square feet of meeting space and two 1,800 luxury rental homes, the real attraction for potential buyers is the allowance already included with the property for 38,400 square foot of additional developable space, which would multiply the existing size of the hotel. If the lodge can maintain the new revenue increases it's enjoyed the past couple years, that could bode very well for the future owner.

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