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Shipping Containers Reach True Destiny as Artist Commune

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Shipping containers have been moonlighting as urban farms, conference rooms, and libraries, never mind rather creative homes, but today Design Milk brings word that these corrugated-steel structures may have finally reached the ultimate take on this oh-so-boho adaptive-reuse fad: a commune "where hammock lovers meet artists" in the beach town of Pozna?, Poland.

Designed by the local firm mode:lina, KontenerART 2012 hosted a number of concerts, exhibitions, conferences, workshops, screenings, and fashion events last summer, offering rentable, stylish space for a reasonable fee. When fall rolled around, the hammocks and beach chairs of the temporary pop-up complex were swept away, but given the success of its first season (more than 35 concerts and 60 screenings), it's a safe bet that KontenerART will be back again this year; after all, the "easy formula proved that art can be for everyone," as the project description puts it.

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