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Whistler's Infamous HemLoft To Go On Craigslist... For Free!

The creator of the infamous HemLoft, Joe Allen, has decided to disassemble his beautiful egg-shaped tree home and put up the package of materials as a DIY project on the Free section of Whistler's Craigslist, in his words, " to return the HemLoft to the place from which it came." Allen built the one-of-a-kind loft in an old growth forest above Whistler Village largely out of materials he found for free on the Vancouver Craigslist, constructing it in a hidden part of the forest over the course of three years. He got the idea as part of a longer life journey from software developer to carpenter at the age of 26, and ended up finding his perfect spot after months of exploring the woods around Whistler in a neighborhood of multi-million dollar home, where he found a perfectly vertical old-growth hemlock with no branches on the bottom sixty feet. The full and very entertaining about the structure, which has been featured in Dwell Magazine, can be found on the HemLoft website. Those who want to re-construct the HemLoft elsewhere for the next stage of its life should keep a watchful eye on Craigslist, as Allen will be posting the project in the near future. Curbed will be keeping an eye out to see what lucky DIY-er takes the Hemloft into the future.

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