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Eight Utterly Absurd Quotes About Extravagant Garages

As previously established, elaborate, spiffed-up garages—the kind that bring Lamborghinis to the living room or double as Renaissance-inspired ballrooms—are nothing new, though the regal carport—much like extravagant at-home water features and closets—has been particularly voguish as of late, or at least that's what the Wall Street Journal has to say about the matter. In its recent story "Where Car is King," the WSJ tours the most grandiose manly-man vehicle playpens in the nation, including a two-story structure in Alabama complete with a Cuban mahogany bar and an automobile viewing deck (with wine cellar, duh) in Connecticut. Here now, the eight best lines from the article:

8. "Mark Peterson, a software entrepreneur in the Milwaukee suburbs, outgrew his eight-car garage, which no longer had room for his truck, his three children's cars and his collection of about 30 motorcycles."

7. "A stainless-steel-and-copper bar area is flanked by two slate-backed waterfalls that start running when the garage doors open."

6. "Once seen as a catchall space to store bicycles, trash cans and lawn tools, garages are being rediscovered as the ideal place—who knew?—to park cars."

5. "The vehicle might be parked on an electronic turntable and surrounded by a bar and seating area."

4. "Mr. DesRosiers recently completed a 6,200-square-foot garage in the suburbs of Detroit that has a 1,800-square-foot detail shop on the lower level with a penthouse above, accessible via elevator."

3. "There are seven flat-screen televisions throughout the three levels. "I can build a motorcycle and watch a football game at the same time, which is pretty sweet," he says."

2. "He put a glass door in between the wine cellar and underground parking space so the owner can "walk into the lift and touch and feel the car from the wine cellar," he adds."

1. "The total cost: over $1 million. "It's more than our house," says Mr. Wellborn."

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