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Megamanse Formerly Owned by Evander Holyfield Asks $8.5M

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Photos via Homes of the Rich

His winged crest may still grace the gates that guard this 45,000-square-foot Georgia mansion, but legendary boxer Evander Holyfield hasn't lived here since he lost it to foreclosure last year. Holyfield owed $14M on the property, a 104-acre parcel on "Evander Holyfield Highway," but the creditors are trying for just $8.5M this time around. The megamansion, called Villa Vittoriosa, was built in 1994 and has some absurd features that, in hindsight, seem destined to bankrupt even high-earning Holyfield. There are a dozen bedrooms, 21 bathrooms, a three-story foyer, a dining room with space for 100, a bowling alley, indoor swimming pool, and a ridiculous, 350,000-gallon outdoor swimming pool.
· Evander Holyfield's Former 45,000 Square Foot Georgia Mega Mansion Up For Sale [Homes of the Rich]