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Officials Form Plan For Old McCain Property On Highway 9

Town officials agreed to set aside space at the former McCain property, the unofficial entryway to Breckenridge, for snow storage, a solar garden, water storage and a gateway park, which would keep a good chunk of the 126-acre strip of property open green space. The debate over uses for the property, which the town bought in 2000 for $1 million, has considered constructing overflow parking for a nearby resort community as well as further commercial uses at the property, which the community has resisted. The town will, however, honor existing commercial leases on the land, which include the iconic Breck Bears operation that carves bear sculptures from single blocks of wood and was formerly the High Country Furniture.

The debate for overflow parking arose as the town announced plans to convert its existing overflow parking into affordable housing, putting the squeeze on future parking needs. Officials also want to keep as much landscaped open space around the proposed solar garden as possible in order to keep it out of site from Highway 9. Being aware of renewable sources of energy isn't the worst thing is the world though, is it?

While the property has no conservation easement placed on it, the town still plans on improving a 38-acre piece of the property along the Blue River as open space. The town is allowed to sell that land in the future as long as the proceeds go to its open space fund.

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