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This 'Ecological House' Looks More Like a Tentacled Truffle

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Like many designers these days—the fellow responsible meandering lily pads, the guy who dreamed up floating amoebas, or the people who built shelf fungi balconies—California-based architect Eugene Tsui does not handle his professional obsession with the natural world with much subtlety. Take, as a prime example, his Ecological House of the Future, a structure he designed for—where else, really?—China. The outside looks a lot like an ancient mushroom, and the inside—well, the inside is something else entirely.

Glowing green walls and a generally amorphous structure—organic-looking asymmetry is his M.O., so it seems—give the whole place a rather, uh, distinct flavor, sort of "Under the Sea" meets "Yabba Dabba Doo." It's unclear when exactly Tsui dreamed up this house, or, really, if it's much of a house at all. It may not be a private residence, but it certainly seems like prime tourist fodder.

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