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Museum's 'Journey Through Life' Includes Alien Abduction

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Work on the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, designed by the New Mexico-based architect Antoine Predlock, is well underway, and with the museum slated to open next year, Design Boom checks in on the progress. What's behind this enormous marshmallow on a stick? Who came up with the idea for this half-eaten glass volleyball? Who lives in this giant, glowing UFO, anyway? Actually, the structure's shape is, rather poetically, "informed by the wings of a dove" and the
"building seeks to manifest a symbolic apparition of ice, clouds and stone, all set in a landscape of greenery. The architecture is carved into the earth and dematerializes into reflections of the sky, while interiors are designed to recreate a metaphorical journey through life." By this account, life is traversed by some rather elegant-looking alabaster walkways. Check them out, as well as a close-up exterior shot, below.

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