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View the World's Cities Twisted (Nearly) Beyond Recognition

In his latest series, Australian photographer Ben Thomas rips a page from M.C. Escher's playbook, twisting recognizable scenes around the world and forcing the viewer to see them in new ways. He calls this series "Accession," and, by orchestrating his own sort of carnival for architecture, he duplicates the tops and bottoms of his images, creating funhouse-esque, kaleidoscopic interpretations of well-known buildings, skylines, plazas, and parks. Thomas is no stranger to looking at cities in new ways; in fact, he's been utilizing tilt-shift photography to do this for years now. His newest works interpret public spaces in an even bolder way by merging of ground and sky. Another shot, below.

—Spencer Lamm

· Accession by Ben Thomas [Photohab via Design You Trust]
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